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A beautiful village in a rural setting and a stone's throw from New York City is a rare find. Nestled in the Warwick Valley, we are largely untouched by excessive development. It is clear to even the most casual observer that Warwick is exceptional.

The Village of Warwick is a blend of commerce, culture and history. Many have written about Warwick's unique charm and diverse sophistication. Warwick is a showplace of preservation that has been defined generation after generation. The Village Green is the epicenter of an impressive historic district that includes ten museum buildings.

Come play, stay, dine, hike, shop, muse and explore during every season of the year. The timelessness will catch you by surprise and the beauty will bring you home.

Mayor Michael J. Newhard



The Village is defined by its remarkable Historic District and vibrant business center. The walkable proximity to downtown, neighborhoods, parks, ...

The Village maintains over 100 acres of active and passive parkland. Playing fields, children's playgrounds and hiking paths are all part of our distinctive park system...

Work at home, set up shop, start a restaurant. The Village of Warwick offers a great variety of entrepreneurial opportunities. The exceptional business district...


6.15.2015 -- 2015 Summer Recreation Program Sign-up Information

6.1.2015 -- Water Sewer Rates: 6.1.15 - 5.31.16

5.30.2015 -- Announcing the 2015 Summer Concert Series

5.10.2015 -- Adopted 2015-2016 Budget

5.4.2015 -- Freedom of Information Request is now available online  read more...

3.18.2015 -- Spring & Summer Brush Pile

3.12.2015 -- Historical Preservation Tax Credit

1.05.2015 -- New addendum to 2013 Water Quality Report   read more...

8.7.2014 -- Orange County Lead Reduction Program for homes built before 1978

3.19.2014 -- O&R Notice to Report Gas Odors

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